They need their mothers, too


What would drive one 10-year-old student to make a presentation to 7 of her teachers? A kind heart, that’s what. Propelled by concern for the chicks who never know the warmth and safety of their mother’s wings and who can suffer a host of physical issues due to the artificial conditions, Stephanie educated her educators on Chicken Hatching Projects.

Through her engaging account, Stephanie made one point that struck to the heart of her reasoning: chicks need their mothers, just like we do. Often, the main argument for Chicken Hatching Projects is they teach children about empathy for other lifeforms, but in reality they teach the opposite. By depriving chicks of their mothers and bringing them into a world where their future is uncertain at project’s end, children are taught life is disposable and might is right. By contrast, Stephanie knew they deserved better. She knew even though chicks look different to us, their need for the love of their mothers was the same.


And what was the verdict? Stephanie so impressed her teachers that Chicken Hatching Projects will be no more at Oak Park Primary School as of 2018! An amazing result for her amazing efforts. We just had to award Stephanie with our Emperor’s Award. An award for the young and young at heart who bravely and intuitively speak up for what they believe in, as they seek to make the world a kinder place.

If you’re feeling inspired, we’d love to hear from you. You too can help pave the path to a kinder world and nab yourself an Emperor’s Award and inspire others to act as well.

Children of all ages can sign up as a Kind Kid and speak to their school, community group or workplace about Hatching Projects, host a cruelty-free event or come up with their own project. If you’re young at heart and want to make a difference, get in touch!

We’re more than happy to offer support, information and materials – please just email [email protected].

Who was the Emperor? Many moons ago, Hans Christian Anderson penned a tale about an Emperor who was consumed with having the most beautiful new clothes. He enlisted the help of two weavers who promised him the finest suit made from material that could not be seen by anyone unfit for their position, and so the Emperor put aside his own judgement and went along with the charade – ending in him walking a procession without a stitch. It took a child to should out, “he’s not wearing any clothes!” for everyone to finally see and admit the truth.

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