Beware, Lambie Baa Baa is about to steal your heart.


In a world that is not always kind to lambs, it was kindness that saved Lambie Baa Baa. Born on a frosty morn and sadly orphaned not long thereafter, this little lamb seemed destined soon to become another statistic. But he did not. Securing not only his release but a chance at a life truly worth living, Lambie Baa Baa was soon Edgar’s Mission bound. With colostrum thawed and warmed in preparation of his arrival, Lambie Baa Baa was soon to claim his second and third hearts (having already stolen that of the Good Samaritan who saved him). Bearing testament to his few hours on this earth were his still moist and blood-engorged umbilical cord, along with the eponychium* on his little hooves.

IMG_2426Despite his very rough start in the world, his chance meeting with kindness and his life being nothing his genes were telling him it should, Lambie Baa Baa has taken to a world full of humans dispensing milk bottles, life indoors and the company of many other strange looking ‘sheep’ with acceptance, joy and a quizzical sense of calm that is a true inspiration to us all. His daily antics as he nibbles on our chin, while reaching deep into our hearts, serves to remind us that no matter what hand you are dealt, life will always be what you make of it.


*Eponychium is a soft rubbery layer of horn that covers the hooves of lambs to protect the ewe’s uterus and birth canal from the otherwise sharp edges of the hooves during pregnancy and birth. Once the lambs begin to walk, the eponychium is quickly worn away.

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3 thoughts on “Beware, Lambie Baa Baa is about to steal your heart.

  1. Wonderful happy life for this lamb. We rescued a week old lamb taken from a farm at birth by an uneducated couple who thought owning a lamb would be fun. A few days later, annoyed at the work involved, the couple chained the lamb to this clothes line, in winter. Luckily the neighbour heard the bleating and rang me as she knew I worked in animal rescue. I called the lamb Aria, as she fought to survive against all odds. The couple had been feeding Aria cows milk from the super market a couple of times a day. How she was still alive amazed me.
    Aria lived inside at our house, surrounded by cats and dogs and kids. She thrived once on the right formula and with her regular bottle feeds. When Aria was five month I rehomed her to a sanctury for rescue sheep where she was quickly adopted by the older ewes. I still stay in touch with th e sanctury and receive photos of Aria, she is so happy, surrounded by her flock of other lucky sheep. It will be a wonderful day when innocent babies like Aria and Lambie Baa Baa are given the care and love they deserve instead of being discarded as a waste prodoct by humans.

  2. I love this post. The photos are amazing and of course VN Ruby is such a beautiful soul and is always there to comfort the new arrivals, as is VN Stitch. You are right, Lamby Baa Baa has definitely stolen my heart. It warms my soul to see such beautiful, happy outcomes for abandoned farm animals. You are all amazing and are definitely making a difference! Thank you for all you do.

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