Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned …


Some days don’t go as planned. The 27th of June was one of them, as that day we had hoped beyond hope that little ‘Ello would turn the corner we all had been willing this sweet little lamb to turn, but her little body said no more. Up against it from the start, she tried, oh boy did she try, and so too did we. And as we struggled to make some sense of it all, we were left with the reminder that all life is precious, all want to live a life free from harm, enjoy the sunshine and the company of their buddies, and to gambol across the hills till their heart is content. ‘Ello can now do all of those things, although on another plane, in a body more robust to accommodate the gaiety and glee of a sweet little lamb. Honouring her wish, her passing was aided, surrounded by love, teddy bears, and tears. Her life mattered; she was loved, and she will be cherished in our hearts forever. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned…


But sometimes, through life’s cacophony of tragedy, there is some purpose, and although ‘Ello is no more in our world, in her finding sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission, her mother and sister did too: her beautiful sweet little mumma, a sheep who now goes by the name of Miracle Mumma Myrtle, a testament to her ability to survive against the most cursed of odds; and her dear baby and ‘Ello’s cheeky sister, Vera. Now and forever more they will call Edgar’s Mission home sweet home.


With only three good legs to hold her feeble body up, Miracle Mumma Myrtle’s left front leg presented a challenge like no other. Suffering a debilitating infection that had raged unchecked for many months, the supporting bones in one of the digits (toes) of her leg had already degenerated significantly. This osteomyelitis made extremely painful even placing her hoof to the ground, let alone walking. As the terrible infection had marched on, this poor girl had endured such pain. So advanced was the condition that an amputation of the digit was the only path forward for a life worth living for Miracle Mumma Myrtle.


Today as Miracle Mumma Myrtle rests up in our hospital ward, little Vera by her side (on her back, sneaking underneath her, launching from a teddy bear—we did say she was cheeky), her maternal instincts see her also keeping a watchful eye on four little orphan lambs who have now joined her clan. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but we here at Edgar’s Mission will always do our utmost to make the best of it for our animal friends.


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned …

  1. You people are truly the best! In this insane world we all are living in
    it fills me with hope that there is a haven somewhere out there that is
    about healing and love, free of agendas, double talk and backstabbing. When I think of running away from home it is to your sanctuary I go to. I am serious about that.

    Please hug yourselves and kiss the little ones good night
    or probably good morning for me.

    I wish you continued success and strength.

    Be well.
    Lisa Mionie

  2. There are angels put here on earth to serve a purpose that is greater than ourselves. Your sanctuary is a testament of what true kindness, compassion and healing is all about. Animals have a keen sense of what love and nurturing is about and I’m sure they recognize what your mission is here on earth.
    Edgar’s Mission is nothing short of a blessing, surrounded by a compassionate group of caring individuals, evidenced by the happy animals at the sanctuary.

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