Everything is coming up Roses!


Nothing could have prepared us for the cheeky little monkey of a lamb who is Rose. We first learned of her plight when a short video was sent to us by text: it revealed that Rose had been dealt a bad hand or, more appropriately, two dodgy front legs. Dear little Rose was struggling to get about, it was clear to see that without any intervention she was never going to thrive, let alone survive.


With a distinct penchant for bottles and cuddles, Rose has taken well to her splints and daily therapy sessions. The first week of her life with us was spent in intensive care under the watchful eyes and guidance of The Vet Practice in Whittlesea, where Rose underwent several sessions of shockwave therapy each day to help release those severally constricted tendons responsible for her inability to walk.


Whilst such techniques are the first of their kind to be performed on a lamb, it is something regularly at hand for beloved pooches. But we here at Edgar’s Mission believe that an animal by any name deserves our love, kindness, compassion and the very best of veterinary care regardless of their species – and that is just what we are doing for our new woolly friend. We know that before too long, everything really will be coming up roses for her._01I3477 _01I2932 _01I2661 _01I2724

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2 thoughts on “Everything is coming up Roses!

  1. Y’all are truly angels ❤️ God bless each & every one of you. Love and Respect from Chicago (actually Marengo) Illinois USA.

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