Oreo – it takes a community to raise a lamb


Oreo arrived into our care on the 30th of July, barely hours old. She had been found a short time earlier by a kind-hearted traveller on a stretch of road that sheep had clearly recently passed, as was evidenced by the numerous sheep droppings scattered about. So too it appeared a dear ewe had dropped her lamb, with the wee one being missed by those herding the sheep.


With a live-feed from Edgar’s Mission capturing the arrival of the sweet black-headed Dorper baby, our first thoughts were for colostrum and warmth, whilst our Edgar’s Mission community of followers (who make our work possible with their generous support) racked their brains for a name. With so many votes for Oreo, we needed to look no further for what to call our new friend.

Whilst the meaning behind the name Oreo is origin and popularity (or some might recognise the name from a small biscuit brand), for us here at Edgar’s Mission it will always be a reminder that it takes a community of kind hearts to raise a lamb. :)


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