Spice has a new lease of life!


All alone, Spice had taken refuge in a nature reserve bordered by a housing estate, walking track and its adjacent busy major arterial highway, and a noisy train line. Whilst life may have seemed okay for the handsome young buck, sadly it was only a matter of time before it would not. And yet again we give thanks to Manfred Zabinskas of Five Free Freedoms Animal Rescue for ensuring this dear, albeit terrified of humans, goat received just the right shot of kindness to rein him in. By just what circumstance Spice was where he was, we will never be entirely sure, but with some of Melbourne’s major abattoirs none too far away, we feel a likely suspect is found.


However, Spice’s past is now truly his past as he can look towards a new life here at Edgar’s Mission peppered with all sorts of kindnesses, goaty jungle gyms and of course new buddies. And on the latter score we are pleased to say he has made firm friends with dear Humbug, a now-senior member of our goat herd, who came to us as an orphan many moons ago. Seeing the two of them together, you can almost hear dear Humbug whisper in Spice’s ear, “You’re safe now buddy, you’re at Edgar’s Mission”.


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2 thoughts on “Spice has a new lease of life!

  1. Reading your blog makes my day. Spice has landed in the best place. Thanks for sharing the wonderful stories of these beautiful creatures :)

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