A most welcome Vollie


We all know that volunteers make the world go round, right? Without their endless and selfless hours of support, countless not-for-profit organisations, just like ours, would not exist. That is why we here at Edgar’s Mission salute you! And in honour of you all, we have named who could well be the sweetest and most gentle goat we have ever met – Vollie.


Vollie’s most kind and friendly nature, which shows no hint of fear of we humans, indicates she has known much kindness and love in her life, and it is for this reason we are at a loss to understand how she became lost and abandoned. Even though that mystery will never be solved, we give thanks that each day Vollie brightens our world as she nibbles on our chins and nestles into our hearts and straw-filled barn. Welcome Vollie, a most welcome addition to our team.

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