Happy Birthday Pam: The shoulders we stand on


What is it that makes a person great? Is it that they’re up from dusk to dawn caring for those close to their heart? Is it that they help those who find themselves alone and without a friend in this world? Is it that they see a stark unfairness in this world and dedicate their life to correcting wrongs?

It’s easier to walk the road most travelled; you can lead a life, for the most part, unchallenged. Caught up in the ebb and flow of society, it’s comfortable to ride the wave of familiarity. You fit in the world and the world fits your picture of what’s normal. But what if you saw something, thought something or felt something that tipped normality on its head—what would you do? If you were Pam Ahern, you’d turn your own life upside down to challenge the newly-seen injustice head on.


Isaac Newton once said, “[i]f I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Every day, the team of us here at Edgar’s Mission get to do great things for animals—because we stand on the shoulders of a giant. She bears our combined weight so we can reach great heights for farmed animals. So that, together, we can help open hearts and minds everywhere and help others to see ever further and deeper within themselves, to unlock the kindness that’s always been there.

If you’ve ever met Pam, you’ll get the irony of referring to her as a giant, because she’s quite small in stature. But you’ll also know that what she’s doing for animals is great—gigantic, in fact.


With Pam at the helm, Edgar’s Mission gains more momentum every year. All you need to do is take a look at our Kind Christmas billboards now found around Australia or scroll down our Facebook page and see how many people are inspired by our work. But the ultimate test is to walk around the sanctuary—seeing farmed animals living the lives they so deserve is proof in itself that Edgar’s Mission is doing great things.

Today is Pam’s birthday (21 again!?). We know if Pam were granted one wish, she would use it on the lives of others without a second thought, so instead we’ll make a wish for her: we wish her all the happiness over the coming year. We also want to thank her from the bottom of our combined hearts for giving us the opportunity to follow our own dreams in ways we never thought possible. Thank you for allowing us to stand on your shoulders Pam—the view from up here isn’t always easy to take in, but every step is leading us on the right path; to a kinder world.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pam: The shoulders we stand on

  1. Happy Birthday Pam, you are a true legend. You are already blessed with love and affection every day from all your four-legged, two-legged, snouty, beaky, muzzly, furry, woolly, hairy and feathered friends so I hope they ramp it up today.
    Enjoy a day of being spoilt. Best wishes always, Rosie

  2. Happy Birthday dear Pam!
    I wish you health and health all your life, the best gift we can receive… you are a wonderful person, you inspire me often;
    with all my tenderness,
    Francine x o x o

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Pam (I won’t miss it next year)!

    Such beautiful and incredible words for such a beautiful and incredible person. The world – and the world of so many fortunate creatures – is a better place because of you, a true inspiration.

    Belinda xx

  4. Happy Birthday Pam! It must truly be awesome to be you. You deserve the very best birthday and many more wonderful years with your wonderful family of all species. You are an inspiration and the epitome of kindness and what it is to be truly human.

    With the very best wishes from me and my feline brood

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