Westy – the rooster who didn’t “go west”!


The expression “go west” takes its roots from the direction the sun sets, symbolising the end of the day. Figuratively it has come to mean the demise or disappearance of someone or something. Despite that scenario being high in the tea leaves for our new feathered friend, Westy, it is not the reason for his name.

Spied on the Western Highway, actually smack bang in the middle of the Western Highway, was Westy. The terrified young rooster tried to take in his dire circumstance as he looked from left to right, not knowing which way to run. It soon got even more dire when he was literally run over by a fast-moving truck. By some stroke of good fortune, or the smarts of this wily rooster, he was dead centre of the vehicle, which meant he was not to end up dead in the middle of the road, although he was left extremely ruffled and a lot the worse for wear.


Piecing together the story as relayed by Westy’s rescuers and his substantial injuries, it appears Westy may have been stuck under the vehicle for a short distant. With grease on his head and abrasive wounds and blisters on his feet, consistent with being dragged, and a beak injury to boot, it is an absolute miracle that this spritely young cockerel did indeed not die.

Lovingly and courageously bundled up, Westy’s circumstance took a new direction as he headed north – all the way to our hospital ward. After ten days of intensive care, Westy was ready to gingerly take his first steps on the soil of his new home and he took up place in Chicken Village with another equally plucky and lucky rooster named Egor.


*Footnote to this story – Given Westy’s age and breed, it is highly likely he is a graduate and cast-off from an “all too soon forgotten” chicken hatching program conducted in a nearby school or preschool facility. The fact that our dear Westy didn’t go west speaks so well to the goodness of the human heart and that we as a species are programmed to care. The tragedy for so many roosters just like Westy is that too many people only see a fleeting moment of joy in a classroom, not an animal who desperately wants to live and most certainly does not want to “go west”. For more information about the wrongs of chicken hatching programs, please check out www.hatchingagoodidea.com

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