Behind him lay a sea of his broken and dying friends, in front of him stood the people who would save him. All the kind souls at the scene and viewing from home could do was watch and wait.

It was a miracle he survived the crash, seemingly unharmed. Amidst his dazed and confused buddies, he launched himself from the curb and marched towards freedom, one slow and plodding tread after the next. But it wasn’t to be. A woman stood in his path and then we don’t know what happened to him. From the footage of hundreds of suffering birds being picked up by their legs and tossed into crates, to complete their journey to the slaughterhouse, we can only imagine.


In honour of the treads he took towards a kinder world, we’d like to call him Trent.

It was the first day in his far too short life that Trent had filled his lungs with fresh air, and it would heartbreakingly be his last. Trent will never know how close he came to living, how close he came to avoiding the grisly death of so unbelievably many of his kind.

Trent, like us all, wanted to live and sadly, despite his best efforts to do so, that wasn’t to be. Why? Because our society has deemed animals like him property, which means they have been denied the same legal protection that would be afforded the animals who share the hearts and homes of so many simply because they look different. Yet in the ways that matter most, they are the same.

If you have been disturbed by the tragic treatment of Trent and his companions, please let that fuel your resolve to act and contact Turi Farms here. And remember to please be polite and respectful so we can get the best outcome for animals. Ask Turi Farms to:

1. Adopt a compassionate animal rescue plan that incorporates: the humane handling of both injured and uninjured birds (this does not include the carrying of such heavily weighted animals by their feet) and embraces the assistance of rescue groups in times of emergency.

2. Adopt methods of transport that ensure the safety of birds which prevent overcrowding and exposure to the elements and weather extremes whilst also preventing driver fatigue.

Please remember the only reason these birds are thrust into such dire circumstances is because people support these industries. It really is that simple. The one most powerful thing you can do to help birds like Trent is to keep them off your plate. And don’t forget it’s not too late to sign up to Veganuary.

Many thanks to Cat McDougall for the footage and for being there. You can find the full video here.

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2 thoughts on “Trent

  1. My heart just cries out for these innocent creatures… I see innocent creatures meant to trust us and often we let them down…. Its soo not fair.

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