The passing of a friend


Houdini hopped into my world and my heart almost ten years ago: a sweet white bunny, gifted with beautiful brown patches. These were not the only things he was gifted with, as the softest of fur, the gentlest of natures and friendliest of personalities became him. Sadly, just yesterday, he hopped out of this world, assisted by our kindness, our vet and our belief that a life where one has lost the will to live and there is no means to restore it is no life at all.

Houdini was an old bunny, we knew that, but we also knew his world, up until that point, was a happy one for him to be in. Although his body and ability to move about had begun to slow, we were comfortably addressing both troubles, enabling the grand old bunny to grow old with grace and dignity. But when his favourite treats no longer treated him, we knew things were not well.

A short stay at the vet’s under intensive care told us that it was not Houdini’s wish that we try to continue to sustain his life. Although saying “no more” was the fair and right decision, as always, the decision is such a difficult one to accept. That Houdini had almost ten amazing years with us—which he would have missed, had the ranger not brought him to our care all those years ago—gives me comfort. So too the hauntingly beautiful images I am now reliving, of Houdini lovingly grooming his beloved Rosabella—yes, great love exists in the bunny world.

Houdini, I am sure, will always be remembered as a friendly chap, only too willing to sit on your lap and receive pats and chin scratches. I am also sure that from Houdini we can learn a great lesson in humility and be proud we had the honour of knowing him. My thoughts are also with all who knew him and will grieve his passing—and thank you for loving him so.

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5 thoughts on “The passing of a friend

  1. It is so sad when you have to make the decision to end a beloved creatures life, but I’m sure Houdini would have known you were doing it out of love and compassion. Our thoughts are with all you wonderful carers at Edgar’s Mission.

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