Let’s make history

Thank you for taking the first step towards having your say for poultry—for birds like Little Miss Sunshine, Brady, Tina Turkey and, of course, Red Baron. Watch the video below to hear a bit more about their stories and their kind, many of whom sadly aren’t as fortunate as they have been.

We can’t stress enough, this is an opportunity we must jump on. It’s been 15 years since the last review—clearly legislation is not keeping up with public expectations or science. Let’s show the government that they were right to push forward with this important review; the public do care about our feathered friends and we’re a force to be reckoned with.

As a first step to helping birds, please sign Animals Australia’s petition to get hens out of cages. You’ll be hearing from us again to guide you on other ways to raise your voice.

Here are some helpful links to tell you more about the public consultation and the some of the welfare concerns raised over poultry industries.

  • Submissions close Monday February 26
  • Public consultation webpage
  • Public consultation FAQs

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6 thoughts on “Let’s make history

  1. A barbaric practise that must be outlawed, all for money. How absolutely disgusting. Politicians do the right thing and once and for all ban cage eggs. What is stopping you. If you do not, I sincerely hope that every egg you eat you will be constantly reminded of the plight of caged eggs.

  2. I cannot understand how a supposedly intelligent, thinking human being can sit down to a meal of a cooked chicken (or any other animal or bird or fish for that matter). Knowing the way these birds have been treated is heartbreaking and should be a criminal offence! And as for wanting to eat their eggs – especially knowing how they were produced – is completely beyond me. It is way past the time that the Authorities put a stop to such blatant cruelty.

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