Now you might think her name is short on letters, but that is the least of her worries. For when we learned of her plight, she was short on time and about to become, of all things, lunch! It is no doubt for this reason she still harbours a great fear of we humans. So as we work to gain her trust, she spends her days with a lamby clan of Carmichael, Rose and Tilly.


Despite her well-founded distrust of our kind, she never ceases to draw us in with her cheeky antics (we honestly think she is taking lessons from Rose)—standing in the middle of the hay bin with her “who me?” expression, camouflaging herself amongst the teddies or standing statue-like on the bales of straw in their stall. While we know that with time and the assistance of our lamby welcoming committee we will gain her trust, but it will be on P P’s terms, not ours. For now, in a sanctuary where P P can be anything she wants, our greatest wish is that she be contented.

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