Finding her feet

Finding her feet this Five Dollar Friday is Jewell, one of our gentle special needs sheep here at Edgar’s Mission.

Jewell arrived at the sanctuary suffering a congenital hoof disorder that severely limited her mobility and saw her plagued with chronic pain. As a life worth living is what we promise to each and every animal who walks, flies or limps through our farm gates, this is precisely what we set about making happen for Jewell, who recently underwent surgery to amputate a portion of her hoof that could not be treated otherwise. And thanks to our fab Five Dollar Fridayers, this week Jewell was fitted with her very own brand new prosthetic hoof that will have her running alongside her pals and leaping with joy for years to come.

If you too would like to help animals like Jewell find their feet, please join our Five Dollar Friday community. Find out how here –

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5 thoughts on “Finding her feet

  1. It is incredible what you, Pam, and your helpers & volunteers do on behalf of so many animals in need. Without you, where would they be ? Bless you and your untiring efforts – going above & beyond over & over again – way more than most folks would do. Though we may not say so very often, please know that there are many, many of us out here cheering you on. Blessings be upon each of you.

  2. I love all of you…just look how happy all of those special needs sheep are. They are so beautiful. Thank you Edgar’s Mission for helping them live better lives. God bless

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