Welcome to the Book Club – Chapter One: Goats of Letters


It was in March of 2010 when around 150 people trod up the well-worn bluestone steps to the Bella Union Bar of Melbourne’s historic Trades Hall building.  Enthusiastically they listened while heartfelt, funny, poignant and profound letters were read out loud as the brainchild of literary wits, Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire etched into being. Not long thereafter the first episode of Women of Letters was complete.  Now some 8 years and hundreds of letters later, Women of Letters has reached a global audience as the lost art of letter writing has well and truly been revived.  At the heart of Women of Letters was the drive by Marieke and Michaela to raise much-needed funds for the sanctuary they loved.  To this end they have achieved admirably and we here at Edgar’s Mission remain forever grateful.


More recently, two terrified goats came into our care.  At around 18 months of age these dear young does have already been given great reason to fear and distrust we humans, although it’s likely we will never know exactly what those reasons are. Our task now is to earn their trust.  To this end we have decided to reignite the ancient art of storytelling, a book club of sorts if you like.  We recognise that in fear all animals are the same, all have the need for comfort and safety, all yearn for a life of no harm and all find comfort in a peaceful voice.  We aim to be that peaceful voice as our book club members  create a dialogue of kindness with these frightened goats, reading through soothing tones in a non-confrontational manner. If you would like to be a reader and are aged 18 years or over please do get in touch, we’d love to have you on board. There are just a few things you should know first.  We require a minimum commitment of one session per week of between 30 minutes to 1 hour here at the sanctuary in Lancefield.  You must be prepared to sit calmly with the goats, not make eye contact or try to initiate engagement with them, no loud voices or sudden movements. And of course, a love of reading, goats and kindness are essential. If you think you can tick all these boxes, please email us with your availability.


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