Cheech and Chong- two smokin’ fun friends!


There is no doubt that Cheech and Chong, complete with their cute and cheeky goaty antics, will bring you great belly laughs. However, their beginnings most certainly will not.  Found abandoned at a tip (it’s likely their homeless mother was spooked) the vulnerable little orphans, just barely days old, were lucky to have been spotted by a kind heart.  But had they not, alone they would have slowly succumbed to the elements. Or perhaps even violently died between the teeth of a predator. Seeing their will to live amongst the rubbish and despair that surrounded them, their Good Samaritan sped into action.


“They hadn’t taken their formula well prior to coming into our care,” said sanctuary Founder Pam Ahern.  “Whilst Chong was quite vocal, little Cheech was not. They were just so tiny, tipping the scales at scarcely 3kgs each.”  But it wasn’t long before they were engulfed by kindness, cuddles and teddy bears, which saw them taking to their special formula pretty much like a goat to a tree stump. (Goats love jumping on tree stumps J ).  Each day now, their child-like cries remind all those in ear shot, that when it comes to needing someone to love and care for them, all babies are just the same.


We give special thanks to the good folk who ensured a safe outcome for Cheech and Chong and ferried them to Edgar’s Mission.  Remember too, that each and every one of us has the power to make the world a kinder place for all with every decision we make and every action we undertake.

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4 thoughts on “Cheech and Chong- two smokin’ fun friends!

  1. Oh these cuties are wonderful! I think that the Lord sent us goats as messengers of joy to us because I’ve never met or seen a goat I didn’t love!! They are adorable and I love them immediately! Thank you so much for saving them!

  2. Those little kids are so divine and so thankful to be at Edgars Mission.And as for vet nurse Ruby, she is the best thing since sliced bread !! I wish I lived closer and could be a volunteer at your amazing place of kindness.

  3. My heart is melting; such perfection!! I know I shouldn’t play favourites, but oh the combination of that black body with soft grey ears. Beautiful creatures who will now have the best life imaginable. Thank you Pam et al.

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