Can you please help my chickens? Meet Ginnie, Yolanda and Betsy


“Can you please help my chickens. They’re dying, and I don’t know what to do?”  Ironically enough this heartfelt and pleading call came through just as we were preparing to shut our feathered friends away for the evening. True to their word in wanting to save their chickens, the birds were soon Edgar’s Mission bound.  Although upon their arrival they were a pitiful sight.  Despite their best intentions, and sadly this is something we often see, the birds were not in a state of good health.  One of the sweet little ladies passed away only hours after her arrival, although forever with us she will remain as she has been interred in our Enchanted Forest.


But all things grow with love, including chickens! And when you add a good dose of parasite control, almost anything is possible.  Relishing our special chicken blend food, along with succulent greens and treats, the girls are gaining weight and new friends daily.  Just recently they have taken up residence in Chicken Village, claiming the Rainbow House as their new digs with Dennis the Menace Rooster their staunch protector.  Have we mentioned we love chickens?  And we are sure you will too when you meet this plucky trio.

Yolanda Gini

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2 thoughts on “Can you please help my chickens? Meet Ginnie, Yolanda and Betsy

  1. I love chickens! Every time I see one I break out into a smile! Thank you for saving these wonderful ‘girls’ and laying the young lady you lost in the enchanted forrest. Am so happy that they are in a happy and joyful place to live out their lives!

  2. There is something very special about chickens that I can’t, as yet, put my finger on. I have 9 chickens that free range my backyard. Each one of these has a different and distinct personalty. I have 5 Isa Browns and 4 heritage breeds and I love them all to death. I would like to see many more people have 2 or more chickens on their property. They give great joy, not to mention the beautiful fresh eggs. What’s more, it makes you realise the tormented cruel existence that battery caged birds experience. Unable to socialise, dust bathe, scratch for morsels etc. That is the highest form of cruelty.

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