And then there were three—meet Deanie and Weenie.


Lambs are indeed social animals, relishing in the company of their own kind. And so it was to our bedroom each night dear Beanie Lamb went to ensure she was not lonely. However, coming to our rescue were the newborns, Deanie and the diminutive little Weenie. With their umbilical cords still plump with blood and nutrients, we were reminded of their vulnerability and short time dancing on this earth. Cords disinfected and clipped, warm jackets donned and life-sustaining colostrum downed, they were all set to meet their new buddy, little Beanie.

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3 thoughts on “And then there were three—meet Deanie and Weenie.

  1. Saw you on Dr. Chris, Pet Vet, and was enamored with Charity and her kind nature. Would love to come visit y’all, but you’re across the entire globe from me. However, I am a writer and will offer my services to your organization.

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