Happy Found Edgar Day

Today we are celebrating that fateful day fifteen years ago when Pam rescued Edgar. May 10th, 2003, the day that started with a little bit of kindness. Who would have imagined that this very day would bring kindness to so many hearts? And so, here we are, many years later, celebrating Found Edgar Day.

Last Saturday, we joined with friends from all over Australia. What a celebration it was, a glorious, uplifting and inspirational get together of wonderful souls with such kind hearts. We connected over bouncy baby lambs and delicious vegan food, from 2pm ‘til the glorious sun set over our enchanted haven for animals. It was a walk down memory lane, with us all appreciating the past, the present and welcoming the future, at Edgar’s Mission.

We would like to share with you our heart-warming video, on Found Edgar Day. The day that Edgar Alan Pig sparked a light in Pam’s heart, which was to guide her journey to a kinder world. Please, do take a moment out of your busy day, sit back and enjoy this inspirational tribute to the power of kindness.

Here’s to a kinder world for all and Happy Found Edgar Day to you.

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23 thoughts on “Happy Found Edgar Day

  1. Love you guys & what you do… my daughters & I can’t wait to finally get to Victoria to meet you all. Xoxo

  2. Congratulations on 15 years of saving beautiful animals. Thank you and your team for everything you do for the animal kingdom. Keep up the amazing work and we will support you all the way. I love your beautiful people! xxx

  3. HI Pam,

    I just totally love your emails and videos. They are always so positive and such a highlight in a world where daily we see and hear of terrible cruelty to animals which many times feels overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like the weight of all the cruelty to animals sits on my shoulders and then I get your emails and they just make me realise that there is another side thanks to amazing, wonderful people like you. I am leaving for England tonight for a few months but my son is coming to see you all next week and I am so envious. Looking forward to coming to visit one day. You do the most fantastic work and you are responsible for changing so many people’s lives and most importantly the lives of these beautiful, powerless, voiceless wonderful animals. Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary and thank you so much for everything you do to make the lives of animals so different and so wonderful. All animals are so precious. Love Heather, East Fremantle xx

  4. I love you Pam. I love all the amazing vollies that help you keep EM going. And of course, my heart is full of love for the gorgeous creatures that are lucky enough to find sanctuary with you and the EM family in Lancefield. How I wish I lived closer so I could visit often, and remember the joy that I experienced when visiting the farm last year. Oh what a magical place EM is. Thank you changing so many hearts and minds. Never doubt the impact that you have had on the loves of so many. Thank you. Belinda, QLD

  5. Congratulations Pam and the wonderful team at Edgar’s Mission for 15 years showing us the way it should be for all animals. I don’t know how many more tears I am going to shed over the awful things that happen to animals, but seeing what happens at Edgar’s Mission every day gives me such hope. I have such huge admiration for you Pam and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your evening, so well deserved.

  6. so great to be a part of this amazing cause. We are not able to get to the sanctuary as much as we would like to, but know that our monthly donations, and best buddy sponsorships are being put to great use. Thank you. Graham and Kaylene

  7. Congratulations on creating one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Australia :)

    People and places like these inspires me, challenges me and makes me believe in a better world.
    All my love and kindness for Edgar’s mission family.
    Amaia xxx

  8. What a memorable event Foundation day 2018 was. Driving with a heavy heart past the animals stuck on surrounding farms, their fate sealed on the day they are born. Finally arriving at Edgar’s mission, a true sanctuary for the animals. Forever someone, forever free. From the warm greeting at the gate where Ron & his brand new fiancé (engaged right there at EM) stood beaming welcoming us beside the grave of Edgar himself. Getting out of the car and walking by familiar faces of others who too had switched the light inside their hearts back on to see that we don’t need to continue treating animals as commodities and as food on our plates. The soft lighting which illuminated the hay bale seating, vegan cheese platters resting on pallet tables, music, delicious food and friends old and new. What more could we ask for? It was truly divine. I left with my heart full of love and admiration. Determined to press on and spread the words of kindness. If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?

  9. My heartiest congratulations Pam and Team on achieving 15 years of kindness and spreading that kindness not just among the deserving animals but sharing it also with those of us who visit the sanctuary and the wider public. I wish you all good health, stamina and determination to carry you through for many more years of kindness at Edgars Mission.

  10. You inspire me Pam. I don’t know how you do what you do – day in and day out and nights too. Found Edgar Day, 15 years on and thousands of animals saved and thousands of humans turned towards kindness. Bless you and all that you stand for. Thank you.

  11. This video is so beautiful! Cried my little eyes out for the celebration of Pam and her animals. An inspiring person that is and always will make a positive impact for the kindness of animals.
    Thank you. x

  12. Tears tears tears tears tears tears love tears tears tears admiration tears tears tears love hope action … for the animals.

  13. Had the opportunity to attend a Foundation event a few years ago & it’s well worth the trip. Would love to be there each year to celebrate as it’s an amazing place. Pam you’re an inspiration to all. Thanks to you & Edgars animsls get to experience love and kindness, what a wonderful thing

  14. Thank you for all that you do and for continuing to spread word and kindness that everyone (and I mean everyone).deserves. Happy found Edgar day!

  15. Hi there Pam
    I always didn’t want to know even when told by a vegan friend for so long but with doing the welcome and actually hearing your sucsesses with your people (animals) I now feel the need to be more involved in as many ways possible not only with Edgar but all creatures great and small and to promote the awareness of their plight
    Best wishes
    Ian Hunter

  16. Congratulations Pam & Co. Edgar’s Mission is truly a fairy ‍♀️ land for animals. Such peace & tranquility prevail. All the animals are so well looked after & the property so well maintained. It is a joyful experience to visit & observe animals free to exhibit their natural behaviours. I look forward to my next Edgar’s fix. Along with all the sadness & cruelty in the world, it’s calming & therapeutic to engage with animals who are loved & valued for themselves.
    Thank you❤️ Alana

    • Thank you for your kind message Alana. We only hope to provide a happy and fulfilled life for our rescued farm animals.
      We look forward to you visiting us again!

  17. It was a joy to join the celebrations recently at Edgar’s Mission. I have nothing but respect for the wonderful work you do.

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