A Mother’s Love


A mother’s love is nothing short of magical. A mother is strong, a mother is resilient and a mother never gives up.

Mothers come in all shapes and species. Our mums, your mum and mums from all over. They are all unique, but there is something they certainly share and that is a Mother’s Love.


Dairy cows are farmed for their milk, but did you know to produce milk, they must also be mothers. A dairy cow, endures pregnancy just as we humans do, 9 months of emotions and looking forward to introducing her baby to the world. However, unlike us humans, a dairy cows baby is taken away from her shortly after birth so her milk can be harvested for human consumption. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Mother’s truly do come in all glorious shapes and species. And they too are seeking a kinder world for the ones they love.


Clarabelle is one of many wonderful ex dairy cows who was impregnated and her loving baby was taken away from her shortly after birth. Clarabelle has every reason to be happy as a couple of months after arriving at Edgar’s Mission, Clarabelle gave birth to her sweet darling, Valentine. However, unlike the countless times she would have given birth to only have her babies taken away, this time Clarabelle is delighted to be showing her baby off to the world.

In honour of the love between mother cows and their babies, we hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day.

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