Broom, broom, it’s Lamborghini


In 1963, Italian manufacturing magnate, Ferruccio Lamborghini, decided he wanted to build sophisticated cars, cars that would be defined by their elegance, power and comfort. History reveals that Ferruccio admirably achieved his goal. Today, Lamborghini is synonymous with style, head-turning grace and a distinct turn of speed. But for us at Edgar’s Mission, when we think of the word, what comes to mind is an adorable and cheeky little orphan lamb who goes by the name of Lamborghini, who also has style and head-turning grace—as well as a cute little jump of glee producing a distinct turn of speed when the word “bottle” is mentioned.


Race into our hearts has this tiny Merino lamb, who was found by kind-hearted travellers as they drove (carefully) along the major highway linking Adelaide and Melbourne. Navigating their course with rest stops and kindness, they came upon the wee lamb, who was also coursing his way along the busy highway, albeit doing it rather poorly. Luckily, it was into the vision of the Good Samaritans he came, kind hearts who refused to leave the tiny waif behind. Barely days old, little Lamborghini was soon putting his uncertain future aside, replacing it for a car ride to Edgar’s Mission with his new-found friends.


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2 thoughts on “Broom, broom, it’s Lamborghini

  1. I’m so pleased to hear that our little travel companion is doing so well. We’ve also just been told that he’s being adopted by our dear friend- great outcome! Thanks for all that you do for little creatures.

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