Plastic bag ban is coming


Did you know that the Plastic Bag Ban is on its way?

Victoria is in the process of phasing out plastic bags, with many supermarkets setting dates to officially say no to plastic bags! Did you know that over fifty million plastic bags make their way into our precious environment! Not only do plastic bags have devastating effects on our environment, but they never truly disintegrate. Plastic bags can hang around for 1000 years!

What can I do to help?

Well, this is where we can all make a difference. A simple change can make a huge impact. Consider replacing your plastic bags with a reusable bag – on that can be can be used as many times as you would like, maybe even forever?  You can also fit heaps more goodies in on reusable bag, compared to a plastic bag.

For just $10, you can purchase a one of a kind Edgar’s Mission reusable bag. Each bag is made from recycled materials, as a result, are totally unique! There are heaps of different colours and patterns, and each includes our thought-provoking quote. By purchasing an Edgar’s Mission boomerang bag, not only do you help the environment, but you also help another compassionate organisation – Boomerang Bags. Let’s all do our bit to gradually shift our worlds throwaway mentality to a more kind and sustainable one.

You can purchase your very own Edgar’s Mission reusable bag today, and tomorrow we will be well on our way to a kinder world for all.

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