Gentle Latefa


On the receiving end of the #FiveDollarFriday five star treatment, last week was our cow herd, featuring the gorgeous and gentle Latefa. Pedicures were the order of the day and cutting edge technology on hand in the form of a mobile hydraulic cattle crush and experienced and knowledgeable cattle hooftrimmer. Trimming the hooves of our beloved bovine residents is not a small task and ensuring this procedure is carried out with a minimum of stress is paramount. The dynamic system you see in action here caresses each cow and with the use of hydraulic motion gently tips him or her on the side for a quick and effective pedicure treatment to be performed with a minimum of fuss or stress. Of course Latefa and friends were soon treated to a round of wheet bix for their efforts and we rest easy knowing their hooves have been tended and are in the very best condition to ensure healthy and active lives.

IMG_2858 IMG_0584

Our ability to call on these cutting-edge practices in order to provide the very best experiences and outcomes for our animal residents is possible because of our Five Dollar Friday Community. Because of your kindness, our cow herd will be kicking up their heels for many moons to come.f you too would like to forge new frontiers for farmed animals, please consider joining our Five Dollar Friday Community here:


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