The things we do for love

The things we do for love

It is no secret the little hen we have called How Now has truly succeeded in capturing our hearts here at Edgar’s Mission. Not only has her plucky resolve to survive the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against her struck a chord with many, it is in those quiet moments of reflection alone with this dear girl that her true being has shone through. Chatty in nature and never hesitant to alert us if anything we have done is not exactly to her liking, we are reminded time and again that precious beings like How Now have their own distinct personalities and that each one is a unique individual with likes (green grapes), dislikes (red grapes) and favourite things (being chauffeured around in her pram by Pam).How Now continues to recover from the surgical procedure to remove the metal nails she had ingested prior to entering our care. Prescribed medications, a nutritionally enhanced diet and the specialised comfort afforded by our vet room facilities all continue to support this dear hen who is still not out of the woods just yet but is doing all of the right things to get there.

The next step in our arsenal of treatment approaches for How Now has been to determine the underlying cause of her lameness. A physical veterinary examination revealed enormous swelling surrounding How Now’s knee and further x-rays have uncovered the source of her injury. A horrific fracture involving How Now’s femur and knee joint has been identified, consistent with blunt force trauma. Exactly what happened to cause this injury to How Now we do not know, however, if it is possible, we now admire her even more for her incredible courage to survive.

Again, it is a matter of giving How Now all the opportunity to gain more strength as we take on this next hurdle in her journey and seek out treatment options along with the dedicated and expert team at Bird Vet Melbourne. We know this is not a journey upon which we embark alone as so many have sent their well wishes How Now’s way. Of course, our unending thanks go to our incredible #FiveDollarFriday community who make this avenue of our work possible.

So now, as this precious little hen continues her fight with a piece of each of our hearts following her wherever she goes, we know our journey together has only just begun. For these are the things she deserves. These are the things we do for love.

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