Guess Whose Mum’s Got A Whirlpool?


Promoted as getting your clothes whiter than white, the hit media campaign of the 70s (yes, that’s the 1970s—some of us folk are that old!) by whitegoods manufacturer, Whirlpool, saw the catchphrase “Guess whose mum’s got a Whirlpool?” enter the Australian lexicon. With the essence of family, caring and responsibility at its heart, we could think of no more fitting name than “Whirlpool” for a whiter-than-white little lamb who tumbled into our world one recent evening. She was found only hours earlier by kind hearts, who quickly realised that had they not intervened, Whirlpool would have tumbled from this world. With two tiny teeth threatening to erupt from her baby gums, we could safely guess this hapless lamb was but two days young.


So fragile are such orphans that handling with care is a must. But such is the fabric of our kindness, which will ensure this “now lucky” lamb will have a laundry list of possibilities from which she can choose—her world will be one of her making, not ours. She will never be a product, a commodity or a meal, simply a little lamb whose very presence agitates for a kinder world for all.

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2 thoughts on “Guess Whose Mum’s Got A Whirlpool?

  1. Thank goodness for sanctuary’s like yours and thank goodness for people like you who take the time to help these animals, we adopted two tiny lambs, having never raised lambs before we were in a complete state of “what the hell have we done” haha, 6/7 feeds per day , having to teach one of them how to suck a teat And drink milk, taking them for walks on our five acres, sleepless nights wondering and hoping they would survive the cold Auckland nights , making sure they were warm and hugged and loved, they will be two years old this August and they are a joy to us, we love them so much, I used to be a meat eater until we raised these two babies , I haven’t touched meat since.

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