A little Ray Ray of sunshine just came into our world …


Driving almost halfway across the country to find a safe haven for a little lamb is not something everyone would do. But that is exactly what Alex did to save the life of little Ray Ray, a sweet little lamb who was born without eyes. This condition, known as microphthalmia, afflicts lambs whose both parents carry this recessive gene. It is characterised by either very small or absent eyes; in Ray Ray’s case, her eyes are absent. But that does not stop her in her desire to experience the world and all of her magic. Showing courage where few would, Ray Ray loves nothing more than to jump with wanton abandon at any opportunity. Slowly too she is learning to gravitate to the sound of our clapping hands, and her “seeing eye buddy” is growing accustomed to wearing a bell.


Although Ray Ray cannot see, her indomitable spirit serves to ensure we stay fast to our vision that a kinder world is possible and that the best way to help create this is to extend our kindness and compassion to the meek and the vulnerable. A little Ray Ray of sunshine has most certainly come into our world …

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