Sometimes getting lost is the best thing you can do …


Who would have thought that getting lost could save a life? Well, that is just what happened recently when two kind hearts set off for a trek that was to last several hundred kilometres to deliver a little blind lamb to Edgar’s Mission. But with a GPS with a mind of its own (and don’t we all know and love those!), our heroes were directed down a road most certainly least travelled and right into the path of a little lost lamb.


Barely two days old, the little one had already undergone much heartache, enduring the separation from his dear mother and the placement of tight rubber rings around his tail and his testicles—the pain of both proving almost too much for the young lamb. Hunched and in both physical and emotional pain he arrived into our care, bringing pain too to our hearts and questions to our mind: “How can such a callous treatment be legal?” But on those thoughts, we could not dwell as we thanked his lucky stars that this little life had been saved and right now he needed our care, so what better name to call our new friend than “Lucky Stars”.

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