Fettucine and Martini—the makings of a good life!


Sounding more like a recipe for a good night out, Fettucine and Martini are the names of two of the most recent lamby arrivals to Edgar’s Mission. Each year we take in dozens and dozens of tiny lambs, often newborns as in the case of dear little Fettucine (and no, he couldn’t get any cuter if he tried) or ones whose mothers have passed away (sadly this was the case for the diminutive Martini, although she had struggled for over a week on her own)—and yet more have been found wandering aimlessly beside busy highways or outback country roads.


Yet regardless of circumstance, all are united by the power of kindness; thankfully for these fortunate ones* they now have the makings of a life truly worth living.

*The Australian reported in 2013 “It is estimated that 15 million lambs die in Australia a year within 48 hours of birth; equal to one-third of the 42 million breeding ewes in Australia all losing a lamb every year”.

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