Cal and Bonnet, somewhere between heartbreak and hope …


With their herd slaughterhouse bound, Cal and Bonnet somehow found themselves on the right side of kindness and instead were Edgar’s Mission bound. That two young lives were spared shows a glimmer of hope in what is that blackest of hours for Boer goats. Introduced into Australia in 1980s from South Africa, the Boer goats have, through their selected genetics for fast growth, become renowned as “meat goats”. However, as we constantly find, regardless of the label we humans place on an animal, nothing can diminish their will to live.


And although these two kids haven’t accepted our kindness, nothing will diminish our capacity to offer it, along with a life truly worth living. Seeing their scared little faces whenever our presence is felt by them causes us much heartbreak, but we are also seeing gradual changes that give us hope: softer eyes, lowered heads and a gentle step in our direction. So for now, little Cal and his bigger buddy Bonnet sit somewhere between heartbreak and hope; we know that each day here at Edgar’s Mission inches them closer to the latter.

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