Marvellous Mildred!

Edgars Mission - Mildred, Sheep

Benefitting from the kindness of our Five Dollar Friday community is Mildred, a brave ewe who found sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission a little over four years ago. Dear Mildred’s back still bears the scars of the Mickleham bushfire which saw her and her companion Mavis on the run, with nowhere to call home in a country town devastated by the inferno. Since her rescue, Mildred has lived a life filled with love, friendship and, of course, wheet bix treats in our sheep flock.

However, we recently detected an abrasion on Mildred’s nose, which did not respond to treatment. We had no history of this area of Mildred’s nose being scarred from her past experiences and when the skin took on an appearance that healthy tissue never should, a biopsy was performed by our wonderful vet, Sabine. We soon received the news we were fearing as the sample returned a positive result for squamous cell carcinoma.

We rarely think about the sensitive pink noses of our sheep all over our country that are exposed to the harsh Australian sun and that are indeed susceptible to sun damage and cancers. With the positive result returned, Mildred was scheduled for surgery to remove the offending tissue.

One week on and we are pleased to report that at this stage Mildred’s surgery appears successful and her nose, albeit with a part of it missing, is healing well. With her stitches removed and a new friendship forged with Melody the sheep, Mildred has now ventured outside with our special needs sheep flock where her recovery will continue.

It brings us great joy to be able to provide animals like Mildred with the care and expert veterinary treatment they so deserve. And this arm of our work is made possible by the kindness of our Five Dollar Friday Community.

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