Courageous by nature… and now, Courageous by name!

Edgars Mission - Captain Courageous, Sheep-2

Making good his escape from a grisly fate recently was a handsome Merino whether we have christened Captain Courageous. Whether he had escaped from the abattoir by which he was found or leapt from an abattoir-bound truck we may never know, however one thing we do know for certain is whatever made this dear boy flee a situation that was unlikely to end well for him indeed sealed his fate. Some may say it was instinct as, being a prey animal, a sheep’s defence is often to flee. However, those who know sheep as we do, as individuals with unique characters and an intense love of life, may call it something different. They may call it bravery. Or courage. And after meeting this dear boy we would have to wholeheartedly agree.

Edgars Mission - Captain Courageous, Sheep

Now busy suburban roads are also no place for a sheep and so this wandering boy soon found himself at The Lost Dogs Home, where he was treated for extensive injuries to his horn and mouth as well as a deep wound on one of his front limbs. After serving the required amount of time, Captain Courageous was then Edgar’s Mission-bound!

After stoically withstanding treatment to his many painful injuries, we are pleased to report that Captain Courageous has since made a full recovery and joined our main sheep flock, where he fast made friends with Fifi and Harry. And we are sure, if you peer just close enough as this handsome boy wanders the hills of our sanctuary, you can make out the faintest flutter of a cape as Courageous by name and Courageous by nature Captain Courageous will be forevermore.

Edgars Mission - Captain Courageous, Sheep-3

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