They go together… Like Broccolini, Tahini, Bambini and Bikini

Edgars Mission - Bikini, lamb, Ray Ray

Well, at first it may have sounded like the ingredients for a good recipe but this ‘ini’ quartet will never end up on anyone’s plate. Stepping tiny hooves into our nursery and our 2018 Lamb Clan are dear little Broccolini, Tahini, Bikini and tiny Bambini.

Edgars Mission - Bikini, lamb

Found by neighbours, suffering from dehydration and a bad case of entropian (where the eyelids turn in and lashes irritate the eye) was Bikini. With mum nowhere to be found and the owners not wanting the day-old lamb, the call to our sanctuary was made.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Tahini

“Tahini sounds nice” was our thought as yet another baby in need landed in our care after the threat of divorce saw a husband make the drive to Edgar’s Mission to safely deposit the orphan with his wife away interstate.

Edgars Mission - Bambini, lamb

And yet more alert neighbours are the reason both Broccolini and Bambini now call our sanctuary home.

Edgars Mission - Brocollini, lamb, Tahini

Whilst it saddens us to know that these vulnerable babies needed rescuing, to begin with, what unites them are not only the bonds they have quickly forged with one another but the power of kindness that led each to find his or her way to Edgar’s Mission. To all those who continue to support our work in caring for farmed animals in need, we couldn’t do it without you. We truly do go together like Broccolini, Tahini, Bambini and Bikini!

Edgars Mission - Bambini, Bikini, lamb-2 Edgars Mission - Bambini, lamb-2 Edgars Mission - Bambini, lamb-3 Edgars Mission - Bambini, lamb-4 Edgars Mission - Bikini, lamb-3 Edgars Mission - Bambini, Bikini, lamb Edgars Mission - Bikini, lamb-2  Edgars Mission - Bambini, lamb, PamEdgars Mission - Brocollini, Kid, lamb, Lucky stars, Smokin _ Joe, whirlpool Edgars Mission - Kid, lamb, Smokin _ Joe, Tahini, whirlpool-2

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  1. You’re doing such a fantastic job. These little babies and what they’ve been through brings tears to my eyes. Thank-you so much.

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