And then there was Ray Ray….

Edgars Mission -_-43

This photo means so much to me for so many reasons.  Let me explain. It was a day I had planned to be a quiet day (that in itself a rare thing indeed), spent inside catching up on tasks, reading a bit and maybe, just maybe, watching a movie.  Alas, I hadn’t read the tea leaves very well for it was anything but.  Due to some unexpected circumstances, the warmth of my bed and Jessica Kitten cuddles were replaced by the chills, biting wind and rain that are typical to a midwinter’s day here in Lancefield. Wrapped up in my woes, my day just kept heading south. Along with the temperature, I must add.  None of this was helped when I misjudged the protection my gumboot could offer versus the depth of a puddle by a millimetre as cold, muddy water soon enveloped my sock and inched its murky way between my frozen toes.  Adding yet another degree of delight to my day was my runny nose that saw me devoid of a tissue, although it probably would not have mattered that much as my tingling hands were frozen into the most useless of positions.  “Chocolate, I need chocolate,” my soul cried, as I limped my way back to the house to oblige, granting myself the smallest of mercies.  And then there was Ray Ray. And it all just melted away.

Edgars Mission -_-44

Ray Ray, with her head pushed through the bars of the hay feeder, holding her ground against the other lambs and two cheeky little kid goats suddenly reminded me of all that was good in this world.  Ray Ray, a blind lamb who a kind soul, putting her own comfort aside, drove halfway across the country to save, was eating sweet hay from a hay feeder, both made possible by the selfless donations of people who so wholeheartedly believe in our work. Ray Ray and her buddies, warmly clad in bright and cozy jackets, kindly sent to us with loving messages that often relayed the quirky nature of the previous wearer who was sadly no longer with us.  Messages such as this one received only days before, “Dear Pam, enclosed is a coat to keep a precious baby warm, a gift from Spirit who over time posted coats but this is his final one.  Please use it with love. My beautiful baby can rest knowing that another will be warm and safe within your magnificent haven”.   Other jackets arriving brand new from far off countries by those who too share our love of these precious babies.  Ray Ray, despite the bitter elements of the day who was choosing happiness, getting on with the business of living in the moment and relishing the kindnesses that had come her way.  And I was in awe and suddenly too I was warm.

So next time when you too may be having a bad day please, remember there’s a little blind lamb named Ray Ray shining a beacon of hope that happiness is always there for our choosing.

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14 thoughts on “And then there was Ray Ray….

  1. Beautiful story!!! Love you guys & all the animals
    @ Edgar’s Mission. God bless…here’s to happiness & living in the moment♡

  2. The animals past and present and I’m sure in the future at Edgar’s Mission are truly an inspiration to us all. They have overcome so much but get on with life and with each other. Love them all to bits and I love your stories about them Pam. I wish I could hug you all.

  3. Those reality checks, perspective re-alignments are just the best, aren’t they?
    Ray Ray has no idea that she’s any different.. She was hungry, she found a solution.
    Just keep it simple all the time. Don’t sweat the small stuff

    Every life, precious. <3

  4. God Bless you, Pam and your Team of Helpers……and God Bless
    Ray Ray [the Little Ray of Sunshine] and friends.
    Thank you for your wonderful endeavours for “all creatures great and small”.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that we are very fortunate unlike many creatures in our world. A so called bad day is insignificant when you see a lamb like Ray Ray enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks Edgar’s

  6. Beautifully written Pam, and yes sometimes our aches and pains, problems that we think are big, pale into insignificance when you see and hear the tales of many of your residents….I always try and keep this in mind when i’m having a bitch about something pathetic

    • Thanks, Merrin. Even when you realise that other beings are struggling through life in unending pain – please do not push your pain aside. Self-love is important. To take care of others, one must take care of themselves first :)

  7. Made my day! And reminds me that there is GOOD in the world. What a lovely person to have rescued Ray Ray! Bless the wee kiddies and lambies and all at Edgars! Thank YOU Pam. xxxxxx

  8. Gosh Pam . You are so eloquent and compassionate. You have to be Australian of the year in waiting. You and Edgar’s Angels are just so amazing and caring to all your charges.God bless.

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