These boots were made for walking…

Edgars Mission -_-56

Or in Saturday’s case, they were made for wheelin’ and what a fine job they do! This week, our unending thanks go out to our Five Dollar Friday community for keeping Saturday rolling around the farm in comfort and style. You may know Saturday, the beloved sheep who came into our care some years back suffering congenital spasticity, which sees her unable to use her hind legs. However, these days, that doesn’t slow Saturday down one bit and a specially made cart sees this resilient girl exploring far and wide around the sanctuary each day. Making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to keeping Saturday mobile and well, a special boot is fitted to her hind hoof each day to reduce the chances of damage if it were to drag along the ground.

Edgars Mission -_-57

It is these kind of small details that well and truly ensure our beloved animal residents all have lives worth living and we are so grateful to our #FiveDollarFriday community for making this arm of our work possible.

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