Never let anyone dull your sparkle

Edgars Mission - lamb, spakalini

These are the words we whispered to dear little Sparkelini, a tiny orphaned lamb who came our way via a kind-hearted Samaritan. Found abandoned and alone, huddled up close to a tree for protection, dear Sparkelini had already experienced more hardship than a few day old lamb ever should. But to add insult to injury (or perhaps to add injury to abandonment) the defenceless orphan’s eye had also been pecked at by a crow, leaving a bloody and painful mess in its place.

Edgars Mission - jumper, lamb, spakalini, who-dini

Seemingly taking our earlier words into account, dear Sparkelini never let her woes get her down and once her injuries had been tended and adequate nutrition was on board she quickly buddied up with Who-dini another orphan who too had escaped a grisly fate.

Watching the twosome gambol about and play as all lambs should it is difficult to imagine how anyone could believe them to be deserving of anything less than the utmost kindness and protection. But sadly, in a world where beings like Sparkelini are valued not for who they are but for what they produce, we know this is all too true.

Still, we will continue on, providing the care and comfort lambs like Sparkelini require and sharing their stories in an effort to change the world for their kind. And of course, in doing so, we will follow Sparkelini’s lead and endeavour to never let anyone dull our sparkle.

Edgars Mission - jumper, lamb, spakalini, who-dini-2 Edgars Mission - lamb, spakalini-2

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