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Edgars Mission - lamb, Tom

Here come the hoofsteps of a little Tom cat. Well, a lamb named Tom and one who found sanctuary in the nick of time. You may recall dear Kitty and Cat, two elderly Damara ewes who came our way some months ago via a rural council pound. Wary of humans and quick to flee from sight, it was with gentle kindness we offered the words, “Don’t be afraid; we’re taking you home.”

Edgars Mission - Kitty, lamb, Tomorrow

Little did we know we were saving three lives that day from the grisly fate that sadly so often awaits farmed animals who wind up impounded with nowhere else to turn. However, as our suspicions grew, along with Kitty’s enlarging belly, they were soon confirmed when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Perfect in form, with long caramel coloured limbs and a cherub-like face, Tom reminds us of the power we so often unknowingly wield over these vulnerable beings. Categorising them as the before of a Sunday roast, declaring them not worthy of an impoundment fee or seeing their fear and desperation to flee as stupidity rather than a natural behaviour for a prey animal with no reason to trust mankind- the labels we place on animals like Kitty, Cat and Tom have the power to not only change their lives but to take them. Or in Tom’s case, that power would have denied him ever having a place in this world.

Yet thankfully, for this ovine trio, that power was used for good as yet again the kindness of the human heart shone through. Because of this, the pitter pat of a little Tom cat will be heard at our sanctuary for many years to come.

Edgars Mission - Kitty, lamb, Tomorrow-3 Edgars Mission - Kitty, lamb, Tomorrow-2 Edgars Mission - Kitty, lamb, Tom

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