Tri, Tri and Tri again

Edgars Mission - Goat, tripod-2

If you’re a goat who finds himself alone in a country town, the prospects of living a long and happy life are not all that great. And if you’re a goat who finds himself alone in a country town with a horrific injury to top it off, your chances at a long and happy life just got even slimmer.

Fortunately for Tripod, a cheeky young crossbreed boy, he hadn’t read the rulebook on what it means to be a goat and so it was from a rural pound that he found sanctuary at Edgar’s Mission. It seems too that Tripod also didn’t read the veterinary textbook on the fate a significant laceration and fracture injury should afford a young goat and so it came as an incredible shock to discover the tissue of Tripod’s hind right leg was almost completely without sensation. With a veterinary examination immediately booked, it was ascertained that Tripod’s injury had occurred at least 6 months prior, with a laceration or constriction cutting off almost all the circulation to his leg and the subsequent effects of this rendering the limb unsalvageable.

Edgars Mission - Goat, Pam, tripod

With x-rays performed and an amputation procedure recommended, daily laser and rehabilitation exercises have commenced in an attempt to encourage motion through Tripod’s knee and hip joints, giving the best possible chance to adapt to life with a prosthetic. Always upbeat and somewhat cheeky, Tripod has taken to his rehabilitation sessions with ease, happily munching on wheet bix treats and even lying down to enjoy the warm sensation of the laser therapy as it soothes his joints. With such an optimistic outlook on life, it is difficult to believe that his future will be anything but bright and we will certainly tri, tri, and tri again until this is exactly what we can provide for him.

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