It takes a village to raise a special needs lamb…

Bursting into our world and our hearts almost four years ago and proving it does take a village to raise a special needs lamb was a quirky black faced Suffolk ewe we named Saturday.  A convoy of kindness ferried Saturday from the fields of rural NSW to our sanctuary, a mammoth task in itself. But all those involved who helped Saturday leapfrog her way here gave of their time and energies so selflessly, believing all the while that since we humans live in a world of possibilities and so too should our animal friends.

A first we had difficulty pinpointing the exact cause of Saturday’s inability to use her back legs, as tests, medications and therapy failed to yield any appreciable results.  This left only congenital spasticity as the answer for why the messages from Saturday’s brain to her hind limbs were going awry.  As dedicated volunteers rallied throughout the day to keep little Saturday mobile and reaching her goals, a specially designed cart was sought.  Delivering on its promise of mobility, Saturday’s cart meant she could set about exploring every inch of our 153 acres and a few handbags as well. A task she accepted without a moment’s hesitation as if it were in the tea leaves that she always would.

Saturday’s miraculous determination coupled with her frowning curiosity (if you ever saw her furrowed expression you will know what we mean) saw her days infused with exploration, humour, wonder and, in the last two years, her BFF, an equally quirky special needs kid goat, named Steady Eddie.  Gosh so many hearts, minds and photographs bear the hoofprints of this dynamic duo, as they wobbled at the top speed of a snail’s pace about the sanctuary, snail’s pace that was until the two spied an unattended box of wheetbix or bulging handbag.

Our days will never be the same without Saturday; not only is there an empty space in our barn but in our days as well, as so much of them revolved around Saturday and her ‘in and out of her cart’ routine.  We take away from knowing her a sense of awe for her resilience; a sense of tranquillity for her acceptance of the curveball life had dealt her and her patience whilst she would daily undergo her exercises, massage and therapy; a sense of charm for her ability to endear herself to all she met; a sense of inspiration for the love she gave unconditionally but most of all a sense of mindfulness for her ability to seize every day as if it were the most exciting and inviting opportunity life could afford one, whilst never ever holding a grudge.

We take comfort knowing that sitting just beyond the all-consuming grief we are living, sits a field of beautiful, heart-warming memories.  Memories like the time a dear young boy who too shared a mobility challenge came to visit Saturday.  He was wired up with a microphone for media purposes, although oblivious to this, he and Saturday went for a little wander between filming.  The young chap turned to Saturday and said, “Saturday, you look so pretty in your pink jacket.” And she did, she truly did, as did the two of them silhouetted in pure, unbridled innocence. Or then there was the time we affixed a bright orange fluorescent flag to Saturday’s cart to make finding her easier as she went on her little ewok adventures around the farm.  The idea worked perfectly until Saturday figured out that if she went under the trees she could dislodge the flag and evade her rest break just that little bit longer.  Oh, and then there was the time we were making a little clip about Lemonade the sheep.  With cameras rolling Saturday wheeled into view, checked everything out, then wheeled on out again just as nonchalantly as she had photobombed the scene.

Her especially fashioned little racing car, aka her bed, which kept her in good stead whilst she rested was another testament to the village at work to raise a special needs lamb, with contributions and ideas coming from many to make it possible.  A generous donor too made possible a laser machine that daily aided Saturday’s muscles and comfort.

Whilst the day Saturday came into our world left us in awe, today she leaves us in tears.  After a non-eventful day exploring the farm and life, a most unusual noise summoned us to her stall where she had been comfortably resting.  Reminding us of the fragility of life, a few short minutes later she was gone and today a village mourns.

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45 thoughts on “It takes a village to raise a special needs lamb…

  1. RIP beautiful Saturday. You had four wonderful years where you gave and received a great deal of love. Thanks to all at Edgars Mission for the work that you do and for making Saturdays life such a happy one.

  2. I am so very, very sorry for your loss and that Saturday, also, had a short life. I visited the farm last Saturday (8th) with three members of my family; we had a wonderful time and were in awe at how Saturday managed to get herself right under very low branches to munch on grass the other side of the trees. We also wondered if she’d have to back herself out or whether she had room to turn around on the other side. You are all doing a marvellous job in looking after the many and varied animals you have and will certainly recommend to others that they visit the farm.

  3. Rest in peace Saturday, for now every time I see the word Saturday it will always take me back to your beautiful face, and your magical heart love you in our hearts forever from Sebastian the Sheep and his sisters Tina,Poppy, and Sally (my dogs).

  4. RIP sweet Saturday put on those angel wings and fly. No longer needing your chair and grazing on heavens green grass. Gone too soon but forever in our hearts. Thank you Edgar’s Mission for loving her and sharing her with the world.

  5. Such a gorgeous lamb. Saturday deserves her rest, but it is hard for those left behind. Hope Steady Eddy is coping. God bless you all at Edgar’s Mission.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of sweet Saturday. But I am happy she got to live 4 beautiful happy years where she was very much loved.

  7. My heart is bursting with this news – for the loss to us all of Saturday but more so for Eddie’s loss. Of all the passings and the beautifully told stories of our dearly departed as penned by Pam, this passing hurts deep. I didn’t see this pain coming. Still, it’s here and I flow with it.
    Goodnight sweet Saturday, you beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL little lady. I do love you

  8. Live videos won’t be the same without a glimpse of the enigmatic, charismatic lady called Saturday. Some would think it odd to be so heartbroken by her sudden loss, but not I. My heart aches for everyone at E.M. today and for myself too. RIP dear Saturday.

  9. Oh my goodness, I am in tears. My deepest condolences to you all. I had the blessing of meeting Saturday last year and she made a tremendous impression on my heart. I am truly heartbroken to hear this sad news. I cannot even begin to imagine what you all must be feeling, especially Steady Eddie. But have comfort in knowing you made Saturday’s life count and that at all times was deeply loved. I feel so blessed that I have her loving memory in my heart. God bless you all for the wondrous acts of love you do for the voiceless. Melba Remior Miami, Florida

  10. I have just watched this crying my eyes out. So so lovely and so missed she will be. Brave little lamb and kind people that cared for her.

  11. Dear beautiful Saturday, running free now and leaving us all with tears. Blessings and love to you and all your mates at Edgar’s Mission and beyond who gave you a chance for life here on earth.

  12. Thanks Edgar’s for giving Saturday an opportunity for life, for love and kindness and for sharing her wonderful story. Tears of sadness for her loss but tears of joy for the life she wouldn’t have had without Edgar’s :)

  13. Oh so sad – crying as I type this. Bless sweet Saturday and all of you at Edgar’s Mission. Thankyou for providing her with all the love and care over the years. Big love to all. xxx

  14. Thank you for the wonderful years, full of life and love that you gave Saturday. Many years ago we were given a day old lamb that had been born at an abbattoir, Meesha did not even know how to suckle but we perservered and she grew into a beautiful loving sheep albeit with a heart condition. At 6 years of age, she collapsed and we knew it was time to give her, her wings. i hope they both will find each other and play together knowing they are loved always.

  15. How lovely Saturday is !
    Thank you very much for taking care of her, giving her joy, Edgar’s Mission. I’m sure she had wonderful four years with you.
    Your news-mail always warms my heart and encourages me not to give up. Thank you.

  16. I am so very sad to hear about the loss of little Saturday. Reading this has brought ;;;tears;;; so I cannot bring myself to watch your tribute video yet, definitely later though. But I know whatever I feel, those at EM would feel her loss so much more. I am ever-grateful for your unceasing kindness that you devote to those who cannot speak for themselves, ever-grateful to know there is still goodness in this unpredictable world. Much love and big hugs to you all <3 and a special hug to dear Steady Eddie <3

  17. I was another lucky person to have met that sweet girl. All my love and blessings to you all at EM. Thanks to you, she left our mortal world comfortable, loved and having had lots of fun! xxxx

  18. Dearest Pam and all at Edgars

    thankyou from my heart for giving that girl all your love and a wonderful wonderful life.

    a massive loss to all but Saturday left with love and memories of her huge human and animal family


  19. RIP precious Saturday. Your last short 4 years were full of love and compassion. And you precious baby Saturday returning the same love. You have now crossed the beautiuful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven where you can run free with all your precious friends.
    Fly high beautful Saturday.
    I visited Edgar’s Mission last year with a couple of my friends and absolutely loved seeing all their precious and beautiful family.
    So sad, the tears are runniug down my face for precious Saturday. All at Edgar’s Mission do a fantastic job showing your love and compassion to all your beautiful sentient beings who are living a beautiful life and will live a beautiful and loving life until there time to enter beautiful Animal Heaven.
    Bless you all.

  20. Darling Saturday, you will be missed when I visit the farm. I hope you are dancing up a treat where ever you are and there is beautiful grass for you to graze on. I will remember you every time I see a rainbow because rainbows are angels way of letting everyone know that you are still here watching over us. Bless you Saturday, rest in peace. Love Angela, Tammy and Scout (the pooches) xx

  21. We are so sad to hear of Saturdays passing. Steady Eddie will be sad….such beautiful little mates and the February pinup calendar kids (well one kid and one ewe).We we’re thrilled to meet them both at Edgar’s Mission. You will be missed Saturday.

  22. My love and thoughts with all at Edgar’s Mission, and special love to Steady Eddie. Another precious one who will be sadly missed but honoured in the memories of all who had the privilege of meeting her.
    Thank you Edgar’s Mission for providing a forum for all the wonderful creatures to educate human animals of the true meaning of bravery love trust and pure joy.

  23. I share with all of you the sadness of losing Saturday… she really was an example of love and courage…Rest in Peace Beautiful Saturday, Repose en Paix Belle Saturday xxxxx

  24. It took a village to raise a special needs lamb and it took a very SPECIAL little lamb to connect the four corners of the planet! Im so very sorry to hear of Saturday’s passing, but well done to everyone who saw her value and helped her live her life as well as she could, especially all the people at Edgar’s Mission.
    Kind regards from Greece.

  25. I am so sorry you lost Saturday. She was a beautiful inspiration for all humans. I can’t stop crying. I am glad she had 4 yrs and her little cart.

  26. It is always so heartbreaking to lose a loved one, you gave Saturday the best life, she was loved and surrounded by caring Humans, she was one of the lucky ones. She will always be there by your side.

  27. I am so very sorry for your loss. Four years seems such a short time but Saturday filled all her days to the brim never looking back. Bringing joy and laughter to everyone even if we live half way round the world!! My heart breaks for all of you and Steady Eddy especially. May you all be surrounded with your loving memories and the loving thoughts and prayers of all those who shared in your love for Saturday.

  28. Thank you for caring for and loving Saturday for four years! The video and your words Pam show how much she blossomed with Edgar’s Mission love.

    Facing the loss and pain of the death of a loved companion is really challenging… the bigness of our hearts to love is matched by the pain we feel with the loss. It can be so heavy, so sad and at times unbearable.

    Please be gentle with yourselves!


  29. So sorry to hear about Saturday. What a character! One heart beat leaves and another will arrive. Thank you for all your efforts and to all who helped.

  30. HI all. I only just checked my e-mails, after a while again. I can’t believe what I just found, your e-mail of beautiful, brave and much loved Saturday’s passing. What an amazing brave lady she was to the end. I am sooooo grateful that she found you all at the beginning of her journey of life. You gave her all at lot of love and helped her to live a happy and fun filled life. She was another very lucky one of gods creatures great and small to find a happy caring forever home at Edgar’s Mission. I am grateful that she passed on peacefully. Saturday RIP. I know in my heart that she will be smiling upon all her beautiful animal and human friends she made during her short but interesting time on this earth. Lots of LOVE to everyone and a million thanks for all your dedication and hard work. You are all angels.
    Cheers Esther Vaughan

  31. A very special hug and lots of wet kisses for Steady Eddie. I know that animals grieve. I witnessed it when one of my pet dogs passed on years ago. Loosing any animal is just so very sad, but on the other hand we need to always have the animal’s welfare in our mind and never let them suffer . I know that is exactly what Pam and her team does so well . The dedication is just second to noon. I hope Steady Eddie will in his own time find a new best friend and can be happy again, whilst his beloved Saturday watches over him form above where she is running free without any pain at RAINBOW BRIDGE among other creatures great and small. Happy grazing in the sun Saturday.

  32. I am one of the privileged ones to have met you lovely girl. The friendship you provided Steady Eddie and the rest of the farm will live on forever.
    RIP sweet, strong lady. Forever in our hearts x

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