Together We Stand

Edgars Mission -_-74

Together we stand, united by our love for the animal residents who call our sanctuary home. United by a kindness and compassion that sees us allies in a digitally-powered world that can sometimes appear geared toward making us go it alone.

And together we have truly changed the world for a goat named Together. You may recall this dear girl arrived into our care some months ago, terrified and suffering extensive facial injuries after having experienced a predator attack. You may have followed Together’s journey to recovery over the past weeks, which we’re delighted to announce finally culminated in her receiving a veterinary all clear, meaning Together has now recovered from her injuries and no longer requires daily treatment or medication.

It’s been a long journey but Together and her buddy Silver, whom she met whilst both were recovering in our hospital ward, have now moved out to their ‘forever paddock’ where they now are able to graze, roam, make friends and have lives truly worth living as is our promise to each resident who enters our sanctuary.

Words cannot express what this moment meant to us after such a long and arduous road to recovery for dear Together. We wanted to take this opportunity to say to all those who have made her recovery possible, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Together we are truly changing the world.

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