A reason to be kind…

Edgars Mission - Dexie, lamb, Lexie, mother, Sheep-2

His almost-smiling fuzzy face may well be enough to touch even the toughest of hearts but little Lexie lamb almost never was. Whilst it is incredibly tempting to stay in this moment forever, drinking in the mesmerising features of our darling new arrival, Lexie’s story begins some months ago in a far darker place, in a place where kindness is not the order of the day, a place from which sheep rarely return…

Edgars Mission - Dexie, lamb, Lexie, mother, Sheep

She runs for her life, the smell of fear palpable in the air around her and as her eyes adjust to the dimmed light, it would probably be far kinder for her if this place stayed forever in muted darkness. For the things she sees now will surely be impossible to ever unsee. She has no name but in time, she will be known as Dexie, a young crossbred ewe whose time on this earth is up. Dexie’s life journey has brought her to an abattoir where her story is meant to end. But Dexie has other ideas…

And she runs! Oh she runs! She jumps the bars meant to constrain and destine her to her end and Dexie runs for her life. For her life and for the freedom she holds so dear.

Edgars Mission - Dexie, lamb, Lexie, mother

Fortunately for Dexie it was a kind heart with whom she met next. A kind heart who could not see fit to march her back to the place from which she had escaped so desperately. And so, this kind heart took the necessary steps to secure legal ‘ownership’ of Dexie and in doing so, secured her safety.

It was at this point that our lives intersected with Dexie’s recently as she arrived at our sanctuary. A smaller and understandably somewhat weary girl, Dexie was buddied up with some of our 2017 lamb clan in order to learn the ways of sanctuary life and, in time, maybe one day to eventually learn to trust us. We were all set to write Dexie’s story, one of immense courage, a desperate flee for survival and a heroic act of kindness to seal the deal. Indeed, Dexie’s story was remarkable enough at that point. Little did we know, she had another chapter in store.

Edgars Mission -_-77

And that chapter was well and truly written before us on Tuesday as young Dexie, slight in stature and showing no obvious outward signs of pregnancy delivered a perfect, healthy baby boy in the safety of our sanctuary. Instantly christened Lexie, our hearts could not contain their joy as we realised the enormity of this moment as we witnessed Dexie nurture her baby boy and gaze at us through knowing eyes, as if now we finally understood the true reason she so desperately ran for her life that day.

Born just shy of Be Kind to Animals Week (October 1-7), Dexie and Lexie stand as a timely reminder of why it is so vital for us to be kind. Because it matters to dear beings like Dexie. Because it has the ability to open our hearts. And because sometimes there are reasons to be kind that we never even know about until they standing right there in front of us. Reasons like Lexie, the little lamb who almost never was.

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