Kindness is…

Leaving no stone unturned to get animals like Hip Hop Bob and our most recent arrival Lucille Lamb back on their feet. The promise of a life worth living for all of our animals residents is what drives us to do the work we do. And to all those who make this possible, our unending thanks goes out to you.

Our most recent arrival Lucille remains hospitalised whilst receiving treatment for the extensive injuries caused by a predator attack prior to entering our care. Lucille has undergone a procedure to debride the severely infected wound claiming a large portion of her hindquarters and x-rays have been taken to determine the extent of damage to Lucille’s front leg in the hope that this limb is able to be saved.

We give thanks to our Five Dollar Friday community who have made Lucille’s treatment possible. We truly could not do this work without you.

To be part of the team working to save Lucille Lamb, please click here.

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