Edgars Mission - chicken, Dandelion, Pam

Don’t be fooled by the delicate-sounding name, our latest arrival Dandelion is as brave as they come. Having found herself in the wrong place at the right time this dear girl has suffered a terrible injury to her wing at the hands (or, more accurately, the mouth) of a too-curious canine. Luckily for Dandelion, a kind heart intervened in the nick of time and she arrived at our sanctuary, where she was quickly stabilised in our hospital. Dandelion has since undergone further veterinary assessment and is showing positive signs that a full recovery of her injured wing is possible.

Edgars Mission - chicken, Dandelion-3

In bringing animals like dear Dandelion into our care, we are reminded of their unique personalities and determination to survive despite the odds stacked against them. Already Dandelion’s true nature is beginning to shine through as she in no uncertain terms tells us what does and doesn’t please her in life. Yet at the same time we are also made acutely aware of the vulnerability of her kind and how they are at the mercy of the choices and decisions we each make in our lives. It goes without saying that we are incredibly grateful to the kind heart who saw Dandelion as someone worthy of saving and who made the decision to step in and save a life instead of merely walking on by. It is this kindness we truly believe is inherent in all of us and it is only a matter of time before it blossoms into life.

Edgars Mission - chicken, Dandelion

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One thought on “Dandelion

  1. What you do is so wonderful, and it must be so fulfilling, because you are really and truly making a difference in the lives of animals, and that, in my way of thinking, is so much more important than anything else anyone can do. When you said…”they are at the mercy of the choices and decisions we make…”, that should be the first consideration before making those choices and decisions, because they cannot speak in their own behalf, and it makes me very sad because I have not always made wise ones with regard to them. Adopting an animal and bringing them into your lives is a gift, but sometimes the tendency is to take them for granted because they cannot speak. They are by no means an inferior species. If anything, we are. They are here to teach us, and in return they have the right to expect us to nurture and protect them. We are slow learners – to say the least.

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