O Captain! My Captain!

Edgars Mission - captain luxmore, rooster

Those who know and love roosters will know them to be almost poetic in their existence with their passion for life, exuberant vocalisations and ability for grace and eloquence in movement.

However, sadly it is not a love story that is written for so many roosters who find themselves unwanted and abandoned simply for having been born male. It is more than an unfortunate consequence of the rise in popularity of the backyard hen that around 50% of birds hatched out will be male. With the poetic vocalisation of roosters not welcomed in suburban areas by some, sadly this leaves so many with nowhere to call home and sanctuaries such as ours can only safely accommodate so many. As unsuspecting chicken carers buy ‘sexed’ day old chicks, we receive calls time and again for ‘guaranteed female’ chicks who grow up to crow and have nowhere to turn.

Edgars Mission - captain luxmore, rooster-4

Having made his way to an outer suburb’s pound we can only imagine the circumstances that had brought the handsome Captain Luxmore to us. With an adoptive home already secured, we were fortunately able to say yes when the, “Can you take this rooster?” call was received. Unfortunately, this was just one of six calls received on that day alone.

Perhaps only when we refuse to see chickens as mere egg laying machines or educational apparatus to teach children about life cycles will we begin to appreciate them for the poetry and masters of the ‘Now’ they truly are. Perhaps then we may offer them a kinder existence than our society currently affords them.

Perhaps only then, O Captain! My Captain! The ship will be ‘anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done.’

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