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It was no laughing matter for a young goat who discovered his days of wandering at large in an inner Melbourne industrial area were numbered. With a developer having purchased the land on which the now-named Brooklyn had called home, they were surprised to hear the words, “You bought the land, the goat is yours,” down the phone line.

And whilst moments like this could well cause our spirits to sink and have us shaking our fist at humankind as a whole, so often these are the very same moments in which we witness the full capacity of the human heart. With the land no longer suitable for Brooklyn to call home (in fact his featherweight condition, proximity to major roads and lack of any companions suggest this was never a suitable life for a goat) the developers’ options were severely limited and the advice was to have the timid and flighty Brooklyn, who nobody could get within metres of, shot.And the land developers easily could have done so and given not a second thought as they carried on with their large scale project. Except for the gnawing feeling in their hearts telling them perhaps there was a better way. And so, it was not a call to end Brooklyn’s life the developers made but one to save him and with the help of Manfred of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, Brooklyn was safely sedated with a tranquilliser dart and transported to our sanctuary.

Now slowly learning the language of kindness, in time Brooklyn will join one of our goat herds where we trust he will form bonds and have the chance to live life as a goat should. And to the land developers who insisted there must be a better, kinder option for Brooklyn, despite the inconvenience it no doubt caused, hearts like yours truly give us hope that a better, kinder future is possible.

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    I hope Brooklyn wil soon feel all at home. And that he will be able to enjoy a long and healthy life at your wonderful sanctuary. I actually stumbled upon this story accidentally when looking for something else. Thank you so much for sharing it. Seeing all the sad things that happen to animals in this world due to human (blissful) ignorance and/or indifference it helps to read stories of people that DO care enough to help them and make a difference in their lives. Thanks to the developers and, of course, thanks so much all of you for all the wonderful work you continiously do.

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