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Saves more than nine! No celebration of Vet nurse Day would be complete without a stop to check in on our own Vet Nurse Stitch, another of our beloved animal residents who can always be found taking time out to cuddle up and provide comfort to those recuperating in our hospital ward. Having been rescued herself at only days old after a mammoth search and recovery effort in an industrial warehouse, Vet Nurse Stitch as she is affectionately known, has well and truly taken to her self-appointed role as chief comforter and carer of all those in need. (Second in command of course to Vet Nurse Ruby!)

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Born into the world with eyelid agenisis, likely caused by their stray mother Ohana suffering a vitamin deficiency, Stitch and her siblings have undergone numerous procedures to ensure their condition does not plague them into the future. Stitch recently underwent a follow up examination with the experts at Animal Eye Care, Malvern to address a recent change in her condition, resulting in a slight alteration to her daily care regimin but otherwise coming away with a clean bill of health.

Perhaps it is the fact that dear Stitch too is no stranger to the experience of veterinary waiting rooms and examinations that has seen her unique compassion come to the fore whenever another animal in need enters our care. Or perhaps it is the mere fact that animals do not experience those same barriers we so often do when presented with opportunities to express empathy. Whatever the cause, Stitch has certainly found her place in the world and in so many hearts here at Edgar’s Mission.

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We thank our Five Dollar Friday community who make not only Vet Nurse Stitch and her siblings’ ongoing care possible but that of all our animal residents. You truly are a vital part of our team here at Edgar’s Mission and just like Stitch, your love, care and ongoing compassion does not go unnoticed.

If you too would love to be part of the team making Stitch’s care possible for just the cost of a soy latte each week, please click here.

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