Life rarely goes according to plan…

Edgars Mission -_-82

If you’re reading this now chances are you ’re nodding your head in agreement, just when you think you’ve got things figured out, life seems to toss you a curve ball. But does she? Have you ever wondered that perhaps there is a grander plan? And that things do happen for a reason, guiding you to just where you need to be. It’s not a case of luck or even serendipity, rather, that we are presented with enormous opportunities to learn important life lessons, helping us to evolve to be better versions of ourselves. On Friday just past I had the good fortune (there I go slipping to the default of luck), or should I say pleasure, of hosting a visit to the sanctuary by the journalist who required a pig for a photoshoot way back in 2003. And yes, you know what happened next.

It was so much fun catching up with Chris Beck and taking a trip down memory lane as we both mused, “Who would have thought all this could happen just because one lets a pig into their heart and home?”

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