Rewriting her story…

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille

Little Lucille Lamb managed to out fox a fox, but she couldn’t out fox kindness. It was a kind heart who brought Lucille to Edgar’s Mission after a predator attack inflicted multiple wounds over her body, where infection had set in. Not long after her arrival, we realised it would take our very best efforts to pull her through.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille-2

Lucille has undergone a procedure to debride the severely infected wound claiming a large portion of her hindquarters and x-rays have been taken to determine the extent of damage to her front leg. With a splint applied to straighten the limb, it is our hope Lucille will regain use of it once more and be able to run, skip and jump as all lambs should.

With her delicate long lashes and soul-searching eyes, Lucille’s beauty, strength and resilience have well and truly captured not only our hearts but also our respect. As twice-daily bandage changes, laser therapy, medications and regular veterinary check-ups continue, we are utilising all we have in our arsenal to ensure Lucille has many more years of love, care and kindness ahead of her. Stay tuned as we continue to rewrite the chapters of Lucille’s life. Her story has only just begun.

Edgars Mission - Hip Hop Bob, lamb, Lucille, Pam, pig, vet Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille, Pam, quote, vet Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille, Pam, vet

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