Tiny lamb, big lesson

Edgars Mission - lamb, Latini-2

Losing her mother almost immediately after her arrival into this world, La-tini could have been forgiven for giving up right there and then. In need of immunity-boosting colostrum, life-sustaining formula, warmth and care, her future looked bleak at best.

Upon arriving at our sanctuary and being provided with all of the above and more, it wasn’t long before La-tini had settled into her new routine. Keeping Lucille lamb company in between veterinary appointments, seeking out the closest human to win over with her earnest eyes and faux milk moustache and joining ‘her girls’ (our staff) on their daily morning tea break, La-tini’s easy acceptance of the world around her taught us so much more than she will ever know.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Latini

In fact La-tini, like so many of the animals who come into our care, reminds us of the sheer beauty and power that arise from simply living in the moment. This way of being does not negate the past nor does it guarantee what the future holds but it truly is the only way to experience the magic of all that is happening around us right now. Whilst we humans so often cling to past memories to justify current actions or dream of a future where all our troubles abate, we can so easily miss the moments happening all around us, moments that invite us to immerse ourselves in the experience of being alive.

So whilst we will always dream of a future in which all lambs like La-tini know love and kindness, we’ll take this timely reminder to stop for a moment and be truly grateful for all that is right now. For she may be only La-‘tini-tiny’ but the lesson she brings is immense indeed.

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