“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” – Camille Pissarro

Edgars Mission - gigi, Sheep

Driving along behind a stock transport vehicle, stacked high with sheep, we could not help but think, “That could have been her.”

Spared from making the short walk across the road separating the shire pound from the abattoir recently was a gentle lone merino ewe. “She’s so beautiful,” were our first words as we came face to face with the dear girl and saw up close the velvety wrinkle of her nose, those long lashes covering piercing citrine eyes and a presence that truly stopped us in our tracks, striking us at our very core.

The adoration, however was not mutual and although safely secured in our animal transport vehicle, this vulnerable prey animal did everything in her power to escape us. It was only when we travelled to road to bring her to safety behind the aforementioned transport truck, the faces of her kind peering over the top ledge in front of us, the brevity of the situation truly set in.

Of course this dear girl had no reason to believe her story were to be any different. Right now, she was the exception and the many sheep travelling on the truck before us were the rule. She wasn’t to know the rangers she had come into contact with had taken the difficult road of securing her safety rather than travelling the well-worn route reserved for ‘stock’ of her kind. She wasn’t to know she was on her way to a sanctuary where her life would be cherished and our only mission would be to ensure it was one worth living. She wasn’t to know we saw a whole lot of beauty in her, where others see nothing. However, every kind act creates a ripple with no end and it is these multiple acts of kind hearts we hope will one day add up to create a kinder world for us all.

Beautiful, mesmerising and worthy of love and kindness, her name is Gigi. She is someone and it is our honour to ensure hers will be nothing short of a life worth living from here on in.

Edgars Mission - gigi, Sheep, The Captain

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