Sweetini – kindness awaits

Edgars Mission - lamb, Pam, Sweetini-3

Originally it was two little lambs to be surrendered into our care, the victims of not only a savage predator attack but a legal system that says some animals are more equal than other. But sadly, we were to soon learn only one would survive the journey, the other succumbing to the ills inflicted in the weeks prior that had not received the medical attention they rightly should.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Sweetini

With her tail savagely ripped off at its base, a nasty and infected wound in her swollen and hot right hock and a pus-encrusted wound to her head, it would seem things couldn’t get any worse for little Sweetini, yet they did. Bronchial pneumonia was robbing her lungs of their proper functioning. Yet this precious baby never complained, not once, although she was unable to gain the wherewithal to suck effectively from her bottle, despite her hunger driving her to do so. With tub feedings commenced and veterinary treatment initiated, we began round one to save Sweetini’s life. But this was a war that was not going to be won easily. Upping the ante, Sweetini now remains under 24-hour intensive care under the gaze of her dedicated veterinary team. Already they have thrown their formidable force at the menaces that are plaguing Sweetini as joint ill recently entered the mix in her tiny left front knee.

Touching hearts and minds around the globe, little Sweetini has an army of kindness willing her on, a gentle reminder to us all that in our capacity to care for the most vulnerable and meek amongst us can truly be the birthplace of our humanity. Come on little one, an entire new world of kindness awaits.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Pam, Sweetini-2 Edgars Mission - lamb, Pam, Sweetini

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3 thoughts on “Sweetini – kindness awaits

  1. Dear Pam, you and your human friends are really heroes :-)
    I wish one day there will be only farms like yours…
    Love and hugs

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